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"Discover How You Can Finally Generate Substantial and Consistent Profits Using Sporting Events As Your Main Investment Source"

"This program is the most complete of it's kind and ideal for even those who've never placed a wager in their life!   If you can read an can make consistent money!"  Best of all, you don't have to take our word for it.....just listen to what others have to say about our Program!

Honestly, I thought you guys were crazy having another sports handicapping service evaluate your program but after 30 days I have to say I'm more than impressed! I evaluated your potential on 2 game chases and there were only 2 losses out of 27 plays given showing a solid 21 units of profit! Solid work!

Derek Delmar

Date: 8/30/2015
From: PSIC

Most people are shocked to find out that.....

Platinum Sports Investing has taken all of the guess work and tedious calculation involved with betting sports for living and thrown it right out the window!    It's so easy to get bogged down wading through all of the myths, lies, and impossible promises when trying to find a solid way to bet or invest on sports.    How do you know who to trust when it seems like everyone has an opinion or some kind of "Fool-Proof" system they want you to buy.    Even worse is the fact that some of these systems may actually produce some winnners but their money management system is so bad you'll have NO WAY of keeping consistent profits in the long run.

We have put our 31 years of combined sports investing knowledge together and are proud to introduce....




When we looked around at the state of the sports handicapping business it was a pretty disappointing reality.  Testing site after site, capper after capper, and system after system only to find that most were a MONUMENTAL disappointment.   There were good handicappers with bad money management and good money management programs but poor selection process and after nearly a year of researching the business the truth was obvious....




  • NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! - This program spells everything out for you. If you've never made a wager in your life, our team will walk you step by step through the process unit you are comfortable
  • NO GUESSWORK - You won't have to wonder who am I playing? How much should I play? Each day, who to play and exactly how much to wager is all spelled out for you so no more guessing
  • MAKE MONEY YEAR ROUND - Since our Premier Investors Program has systems and strategies to play nearly every sport, it's literally a year round money making machine
I have to give your Premier Investors Program a big thumbs up! When you contacted me to evaluate I honestly thought I'd be looking at a mirror image of my own program. Though there were some similar plays I was very surprised at the variety of sports...using MLB, WNBA, and even Soccer was good but the quality of the pick hats off to you!

Randy Coker

  • NO ANNOYING SALES PEOPLE - Nothing worse than getting "the call" you know, that guy who wants you to western union him $500-$1000 for more losers....NO THANKS!
  • NO (GAME / LOCK) OF THE WEEK, MONTH YEAR B.S - No more going 4-1 but losing money because some "genius'" GAME OF THE YEAR went down in flames
  • EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE - Our program is priced so all player levels take advantage. What good is it to buy a service and then not be able to make the plays?
As the owner of a sports handicapping business, you always feel like you have the answers. I agreed to give my brutally honest evaluation of the program and all I can say is where do I sign up! LOL In a seriousness this program is not a get rich quick deal or some miracle system but a VERY consistent and VERY metodical way to make money.

Big Jon K

  • PERFECT FOR OVERSEAS OR CANADIAN PLAYERS - Since our plays are usually posted overnight here in the US, that allows plenty of time for our players abroad to get the information and place your investments for the day
  • GET THE BEST LINES! - By getting the plays early, it allows our Premeir Investors Program members the chance to shop for the best lines.

Once you become a member of the Premier Investors Program you can quickly turn your sportsbook account into your own personal ATM.   Tired of re-loading?   Those days are long gone!

Our program is designed and our plays are produced in a 2 GAME systematic play format.  We have used all of our combined knowledge to bread down each sport into ONLY the factors that produce consistent winning.  Our win percentages are so high on these plays that we can accomodate multiple money management styles with tremendous success.

Like 2 game chases?  GREAT, our program is perfect for you!

Prefer to use the Labourchere?  FANTASTIC you'll love the Premier Investors Program!

Maybe you like the "Unbeatable System"?  PERFECT, our high win% is ideal for you too.

As a member, you'll receive a daily email that will not only give you todays plays but it will also outline how much to play based on all 3 of the above money management methods!  So when we say everything is done for you....we mean EVERYTHING is done for you!! 

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I still can't get past the part that in evaluating this program, you gave out 8 WNBA plays and 6 of them won game 1. I didn't even know that league still existed and here I am betting the games. I think the strength of the program is the way you've honed in on only the strongest plays from each sport available. In 30 days I was up 24.5 units and hit game 1 70%. Just a real good program.

Lloyd O'Leary

This was exciting for me. As a gambler who likes to use the unbeatable system, I need a program that DOES NOT go into long losing streaks and believe me I’m always looking. In 41 days my biggest losing streak was 4 games and I was up 29 units...way ahead of the 15 units per month goal you have. You need to re-adjust your goals and I will be the first person to purchase this program when you launch...guaranteed!

Blake Allstot

The big problem that most handicappers or system sellers have is that depending on the money management method, losses can be so devastating.   3 game chases, 4 game chases and the like...sure the records look impressive but you could lose 40 units on a four game chase.  

Our Premier Investors Program takes all the fear of losing away so you can focus on managing your money and raising your wagers.   Our system of "2 Game" plays assures you that if you chase, labourchere or use any other money managment method, you will not get buried.   You'll never again have to worry about one loss ruining your entire season.

Once you get started, you'll be added to our email rotation and receive the plays and money management sent each day right to your inbox.   In addition, by getting your spot before OCTOBER 15TH, you'll be able to lock in on our special pricing!


We are offering this introductory price so that anyone from a $10 player to a $10,000 player can afford to be part of this consistent money making machine

When you're trying to decide if this is the program for you, ask yourself:   "How many handicappers or services would actually have the confidence or guts to be evalutated by their peers?"   NOT MANY!   We don't look at other services as competition because the aren't!   Our program is the most comprehensive, complete, and the safest way for a sports bettor to become a sports investor and actually supplement or replace your current income.



Best of Success,

Tod Wilkinson

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